With the majority of air traffic grounded due to Covid-19, airports globally still need to maintain operations in order to meet regulatory requirements. As some countries re-open their economies, airports will also need to be ready to operate responsively and effectively to the new conditions.

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Downtime works
& maintenance

The Case


Whenever there is a localised incident or large-scale crisis, airports can often be hit with downtime as air traffic and passenger numbers decrease. As a result, airport infrastructure and facilities only utilise a limited amount of their planned capacity. But, downtime needn’t be a loss-maker, as it allows time and space to carry out maintenance cost-effectively and with less disruption.


Our Approach


NACO’s global experience at providing designs with execution and strategic phasing plans, allows you access to the expertise you need, even in challenging times. Works are always tailored to your specific requirements, saving you time, unnecessary investments and allowing operations to run smoothly.




With our sister company InterVISTAS, we can offer deep insights into the latest prognoses and can monitor recovery scenarios. This can be beneficial in revising exiting phasing plans with up-to-the-minute forecast developments, as well as in drafting new, strategically effective plans, allowing airports to truly benefit from downtime.




We understand maintenance scheduling and buy-in can be challenging, even at the best of times. Our years of field experience show maintenance postponement can lead to issues later on. So, we take a preventative approach, helping develop robust business cases ensuring maintenance is carried out at the optimal time.




When a new, strategic phasing plan is in place, we are able to help in the development of maintenance specs to attract contractors for tender. Such a client-specific approach provides benefits immediately, through lower contractor fees.




Even before recovery starts, we can work closely with you to maximise the benefits of remaining downtime. From data recovery, checking IT condition, to re-booting terminals and advising on stand allocation and facility utilisation, our services, skills and expertise are here to support you every step of the way.



Downtime works and maintenance services to support your needs.


  • Recovery scenario development
  • Airport parking feasibility studies/modelling
  • Airport and terminal re-booting
  • Revised strategic phasing plans – maintenance execution
  • Accompanying business case development
  • Airport IT HealthCheck
  • Facility utilisation planning
  • Design and tender documentation
  • Inspections and surveys
  • Airside pavement investigations/improvements
  • Thermo/hydro/soil mapping
  • Digital Twin development



Benefits for business

Cost-effective/low impact approach – optimising use of downtime

Predictive maintenance scheduling – optimising operations/minimising impact

Tailored, scalable approach to fit changing airport needs

Identify and prioritise maintenance areas

Aftercare support focused on recovery and resilience

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Our products and services are well balanced and comprehensive; considering different airport’s operational needs, technology, cost effectiveness, sustainability and passenger experience.

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