Millions of passengers pass through the world’s airports every day, and the demands for digital services and a personalised travel experience are ever-increasing. This is matched by the pressure for IT departments to adapt, expand and implement these new technologies and their infrastructure, quickly and robustly.

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Airport IT

The rapid increase in technological developments, pushed by business needs, will bring new requirements for IT infrastructure. IT systems with the ability to manage increased data loads, the enabling of data sharing, wireless connectivity support and application support via the cloud are just a few of the developments. Having the right IT infrastructure in place is a must; ensuring the smooth-running and safe operation of airports is vital.



The increasing integration of IT systems in all aspects of airport operations, means that they demand more reliable IT network infrastructure – both of which require specialist review and adaption to safeguard capacity and performance.


As airports develop, the lack of planned, documented and continuous upgrades to IT infrastructure can often lead to reduced availability and an increase in maintenance costs. For expansion projects, this can mean project delays and unexpected costs. Expansions in IT infrastructure over time, have also led to a patchwork of IT additions and ad-hoc solutions that can potentially affect network availability; hampering the safe-running of airports, or even resulting in complete operational failure.




At NACO, we understand that modern airport IT systems must meet current and future passenger needs while also maintaining the flexibility to incorporate new technologies that increase operational efficiency.


Our comprehensive knowledge of airport operations, allows us to create a vision for airport-wide IT infrastructure that takes into account the long term project development strategies. By aligning the current IT infrastructure status with the digital ambitions and future IT infrastructure needs of the airport, we can map out a phased development of your IT infrastructure that supports the airport’s growth while increasing the operational efficiency.



Our experts can support your efforts towards:

Reduced risk of operational disturbances

Long term IT infrastructure vision


Development planning for IT infrastructure expansions

Long term investment planning for IT infrastructure

Improved communication with project stakeholders and airport management

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From assessing the current state of your IT infrastructure to the development of your strategy, our experts can help you make the decisions that are right for your business – now and for the future.

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Our products and services are well balanced and comprehensive; considering different airport’s operational needs, technology, cost effectiveness, sustainability and passenger experience.

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