Interactive Propensity to Fly Map of Africa

Propensity in Africa

Interactive Propensity to Fly Map of Africa

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Over the past few months we have released a number of articles and briefing notes around trends in the aviation industry, some focusing specifically on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In parallel, we continue to analyse a wide range of data from across the African aviation industry in an effort to identify trends and possible future developments.

Propensity to fly (PTF) is one parameter that we have been looking at, but what is it exactly and why is it important? PTF is useful indicator of the level of air traffic in any given country. It says something about the importance of air travel in a country and gives insight into the potential for growth. Taking data from ACI and GDP data, we have developed an interactive geographic model to illustrate the changing trends across the continent. In addition, our experts share their latest insights and expertise on the key trends in PTF and how they are shaping developments in aviation on the continent.

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Watch this space for upcoming news and insights from our 3-Sixty series in which we take a closer look at three key trends shaping the industry and put them each in a compact, 360-second read.