Adapting to the next normal

Adapting to the next normal

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As the aviation industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, and we now look towards the prospect of borders reopening and flights resuming from next month, as a company, we are continuing to adapt to ensure we are giving you the best – and indeed the most effective – support for your business.

In this brief update, we would like to update you on how we are doing that and provide insight on the kinds of services we have developed to support in the decisions and actions that many airports will need to consider.

Latest data on industry impact

To provide you with the latest thinking on the impacts and potential recovery scenarios for the industry, and outline the key recommendations which we believe are essential to supporting businesses now, we have updated our Scenarios for Recovery and taken a closer look at developments in passenger traffic, economic projection as well as likely changes to the aviation industry. This supplements the earlier insights shared on Air Cargo.

In addition to providing in-depth knowledge, the briefing notes have been written with your interests in mind and what we believe are the key concerns that our industry has to address.

Services to address your immediate and financial needs

In addition to providing these insights, we have also focused on developing the services and support to help tackle the immediate challenges being faced while also preparing for the gradual restart and recovery of the industry.

We started by releasing a range of services for airport Downtime Works and Maintenance. These services are scalable, low-impact and offer an efficient cost-effective way to prioritise and tackle the facilities and infrastructural works that still need to be carried out.

Together with our sister company, InterVISTAS, we are also able to offer insights into recovery scenarios based on the latest prognoses. This not only enables the drafting of new, effective strategic phasing plans, but is also beneficial in revising existing plans to align with up-to-the-minute forecast developments. This will go hand in hand with new services we have developed around Airport Operations Restart Planning. We will be updating you on this service in our upcoming communications.

If you would like to find out more about these services and how they can support your airports, get in touch with us here and one of our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Looking ahead

With the current situation continuing to unfold at different rates and in various ways across the globe, we will continue to update you on developments in terms of new insights and services that we are bringing online.