Steps we are taking to support businesses in Aviation

Steps we are taking to support businesses in Aviation

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In this latest industry update, we would like to share some of the latest developments and actions we are working on to provide practical support to the aviation industry as we contend with the challenges of the current pandemic.

New insights for informed decision-making

With access to trusted, relevant and timely information now in high demand across the industry, we have seen an increased need for insights particularly where key decisions have to be made immediately. That is why we have begun to share industry insights such as our experts’ Briefing Notes.

These Briefing Notes have been written so that you have direct access to knowledge on key developments across the industry and in specific sectors such as cargo. Whether it is for decision-making, scenario planning or business continuity, access to good data and thorough analysis will become increasingly vital. We will continue to share these insights with you and, at the same time, encourage you to connect with our experts should you require more information.

Practical support for your business

The second area we have focused on is how we can continue to offer close support and advice, particularly as we adjust to working differently and often at distance. We have therefore developed new approaches, services as well as ways for you to access our experts.

From scenario modelling and strategizing, to operations planning, design and maintenance, we have listened to our clients and looked carefully at where we can deliver the right support to help with immediate, mid-term and long-term needs. We believe this is the best way to support business continuity and set the foundations for the long-term resilience of businesses in the sector.

The NACO and InterVISTAS teams remain on hand and accessible as always. At the same time, we would encourage you to the team directly at any time; we are committed to ensuring you have fast access to the support, expertise and reassurance you need when you need it most.

Stay safe and stay well.